Monday, March 12, 2012

Home... but still there :-)

Flight home was loooong... but we made it and had great sleep last night. Thank you Lord for the comfort of our homes and love of our friends! How is it that we were born into the comforts of America? A question we have asked many times these last 3 weeks.

Well, we are home, but now we understand Linda Campbell's comment earlier about part of her is still there. (Linda was so loved in Sudan that the school she helped start is named Linda's School in her honor! wow!! Linda, Zavito and Samuel say HI)) Our heart's are tied to those people and those places even as we are home.

We all pray that our, and YOUR, impact in that part of the world has just begun. Our hope is that we all understand better and can network at an even more effective level with CLIDE and CLIS, the organizations in those areas that know what the people need and how to best help them develop independent, sustainable skills and facilities. So little goes SO far toward helping them have access to such basic needs as water, food, gardens, and sanitation. Everyone with a heart for the needy... in the USA or abroad, really must read Jonathan Martin's book, "Giving Wisely." It explains how money can cause bigger problems... or be very helpful for the poor and needy when done right.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. Every step of the trip felt blessed and went smoothly.

And now some pictures...
Jonathan, Debbie and Mark

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